We welcome you and invite you to commit yourself fully to this Retreat.

All participants are required to follow the code of conduct to ensure the smooth running of the events. We are going to spend several days of intense enquiries together. By following common sense and few simple rules, together we will create a meditative space of harmony, freedom, and celebration.

Workshops, sessions, concerts, meditations

  •  We will strike the bells ten 10 minutes before activities. Please be on time. Please try to arrive and be settled at your seat at least five minutes before the beginning of a session. If you find yourself late, please sneak in so you will not be noticed and will not disturb others.
  • Men and women workshops will take place in separate areas.
  • Men will be allowed to women’s workshop areas only when the facilitators invite them.
  • The content of the Retreat is planned in such a way that all events and workshops, concerts and sessions support and reinforce each other. We advise you to join them all so that you get a complete experience and impact of the Retreat. It is easy to get carried away by beautiful surroundings. We invite you to remain focused and committed.

Respect the Nature and fellow participants

  • Please take care of your space by keeping the area around you tidy. Be aware of your impact on nature and each other.
  • Please respect it when a facilitator instructs you to hold silence.
  • When you want to listen to music or other content from your smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices, please use the headphones. You can use mobile phones, other gadgets and internet any time except during workshops, sessions, meditations, concerts and meals.


  • Do not use any illegal substances.
  • Smoking cigarettes is permitted only in designated areas.
  • No open fire is allowed on the island without supervision from our staff.
  • Other details are in Attendance Terms and Conditions
  • You are required to check the guidelines regularly. We reserve right to amend them without prior notice.

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